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  • Phone.com - Mobile Office
  • Phone.com - Mobile Office
  • Phone.com - Mobile Office
  • Phone.com - Mobile Office
  • Phone.com - Mobile Office
Description of Phone.com - Mobile Office

Introducing Phone.com for Android.

Signup as a customer on Phone.com to enjoy the benefits of using Android App. Signup here: http://www.phone.com/pricing/

Phone.com for Android brings all your cloud communication features together into one app—with the added benefit of being able to make calls over your carrier network or by VoIP call using data coverage or WiFi.

Say goodbye to desk phones, because your Android device is now a Phone.com extension! Make calls, manage contacts, access visual voicemail, trascription, conference calling, SMS, Fax and many more features. Get incoming calls even if your app is not active and stay in touch with push-notification.

Got a second business phone? Why not use your Android device instead, and simply separate your personal and business calls by routing everything through one app? Phone.com for Android lets you consolidate!

Manage multiple businesses or projects? Use the Phone.com app to manage different phone numbers and identify where calls are coming from. Then pick unique caller IDs for outbound calls.

Listen to your work voice messages in the Phone.com app. If you have voicemail transcription from Phone.com, you’ll receive those messages too.

Invite conference callers by SMS. Then call into your own conference bridge with one click!

Send and receive SMS text messages using your office number or any other number in your Phone.com account.

For when you’re feeling nostalgic or obliged to send a fax. Use Phone.com for Android to manage incoming faxes as PDFs, or send a fax by scanning documents with your phone’s camera.

Organize contacts in a combined address book, showing both your personal device contacts and business contacts that are synced with your Phone.com Address Book.

Automatically block telemarketers, unfriendlies, and that other phone sales guy who won’t take a hint!

Version history Phone.com - Mobile Office
New in Phone.com 23.00.08
Bug fixes
New in Phone.com 23.00.01
New in Phone.com 22.00.44
New in Phone.com 22.00.41
New in Phone.com 22.00.37
New in Phone.com 22.00.36
Improved sms.
Android Q compatibility.
Bug fixes.
New in Phone.com 22.00.35
New in Phone.com 22.00.33
New in Phone.com 22.00.32
New in Phone.com 22.00.24
Bluetooth functionality is added. The bluetooth permissions will be required.
New in Phone.com 22.00.10
Bugs related to Android Pie are fixed such as playing voice mail.
New in Phone.com 22.00.01
What’s New
• Improvements in playing voicemail with reduced time in buffering.
• Bug fixes
New in Phone.com 21.00.55
What’s New
• Fixed an issue where the call screen would sometimes open in the background
• Fixed an issue where the Add button was missing during calls
• Various bug fixes
New in Phone.com 21.00.52
What’s New
* Quickly return to an active call from the main app screen
* Rebuilt voicemail player improves playback performance
* Fixed issue where some users were unable to receive calls
* Fixed issue where ringtone would continue to play during call in some cases
* Fixed issue where some contact names were not being displayed
* Various bug fixes, layout changes, and user interface improvements
New in Phone.com 21.00.36
1. Reduced battery consumption in VoIP mode
2. Missed call notifications
3. Recent calls update immediately
4. Display turns off during calls
5. Ringtone and vibrate settings now match Android settings
6. App icon badge for unread messages and voicemail for compatible phones
7. User interface improvements
8. Voicemail and SMS notification improvements
9. Various bug fixes, stability and performance improvements
New in Phone.com 20.00.05
Implemented new and improved VoIP calling.Implemented Conference support for VoIP calls.Implemented Call Transfer support for VoIP calls.Implemented support of 5 Simultaneous VoIP calls.Fixed mute/unmute issue.Implemented new and improved Contacts.Implemented Attach and send the file as Fax.Added transcription support on voicemail.Improved voicemail seeking.Fixed Incoming call hangs when the lock button is pressed to silence the callFixed Gateway call issue resolved
New in Phone.com 19.08.03
Voicemail Design is now accessible from main tab.Messages are now accessible from main tab.Push Notification for Incoming SMS.Added conference,swap call support to VoIP.Long press gesture on call log to show more options(message,block,copy number).Long press gesture on Messages to show more options(call,block,copy number).Long press gesture on Message to show more options(copy,forward,delete).
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